eBook Conversion

We’ve been providing eBook conversion services for more than 10 years, and we know there’s more to creating eBooks than simply uploading a manuscript to a conversion program. This is because many conversion tools often “misunderstand” the intended formatting of a book and produce eBooks that are unreadable and unprofessional.

Why MEI?

There is a key human component in our process that analyzes the complex requirements that instrumental to the quality of your brand.

MEI makes it easy to get your book to market quickly by creating files that are compatible with all major eBook retailers. We understand the nuances of creating good quality eBooks and have converted many books, from reflowable format to fixed format including children’s books.


We quickly deliver an eBook that is designed to give readers a satisfying experience on all types of e-readers. Each title is fully QC’d prior to delivering to our clients.


MEI is unique in that our staff is quite flexible and agile, frequently ramping up and down as volume fluctuates. We are happy to convert 1 title or 10,000 titles!

Send us your InDesign, PDF, or Word files and we will deliver Apple’s epub2, epub3, Kindle’s mobi, KF8, or Nook’s PDF, whatever your needs are. Unsure? Send us a sample PDF and we will make a recommendation on a format. Need it quick? Because of our volume, our prices are low and our turnaround time is superior to most! Most importantly, the quality is exceptional.

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eBook 911

Have an eBook emergency? We are working when you work, and then some, recognizing potential performance or aesthetic glitches in eBook files! We have an eBook emergency program that can get a file fixed same day! Call for details.