Data & Content Conversion

MEI offers a unique, leading edge approach to image processing, and our processes are the quickest, most reliable, and overall most efficient means of achieving the highest quality results.

How it Works

We scan the hard copy forms or documents, produce small but visually lossless files using LuraTech software, and transfer the compressed files to our data capture centers. There, a variety of data capture services can be performed directly from the images, including data entry, OCR correction, metadata entry, double keying. Upon completion, a file – typically XML – is returned to the client for further processing. This process is the quickest, most reliable, and overall most efficient way means achieving the highest quality data capture results.

Data capture services include the following:

  • Handwritten or typed text
  • OCR Correction
  • Forms or free form capture
  • Single or double keying
  • PDF assembly or disassembly
  • File Renaming
  • Redaction

Supported output:

  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • JP2
  • JBIG
  • PDF (see below)
    • Compressed and uncompressed (with or without OCR)
    • Visually lossless
    • Mathematically lossless
    • Maximized compression for web presentment
    • Normalization

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