Professional Services

Through our team of experts, MEI provides a gamut of off and on-site professional, consultative, and design services. Whether your organization has an ongoing need or simply a project based requirement, Master Enterprises is there to help!

Areas of Expertise

  • Infrastructure and Technology Recommendations
  • Document Workflow Consultation
  • eBook design, interactivity and analytics
  • Video Marketing Production Services
  • Website Development

Consulting Services

We have the experience to deliver answers to all of your questions!

Call  (770)364-7309 to discuss your needs.

But it’s ALL important!Selecting and the content to digitize is often a difficult task. It IS all important but the team at MEI realizes digitizing everything is not practical or affordable. MEI can help you prioritize your collections and even identify those that could create a revenue stream for your library without giving up the rights to YOUR images.

How does this fit? We are experts on workflow. Our goal is to understand where you are today, analyze your current process, and where necessary to maximize efficiencies, help you modify your processes so that it is scaleable for the future.

“Where to begin?” Our team has collective experience in the evolution of technology and will bring you a solution, perhaps even several selections to choose from with the features/benefits and pros/cons conveniently and clearly stated. This helps our clients make an educated decision without having to do all the preliminary work involved in making your choice.

“What is the quickest way to learn?” MEI can offer you both on-site and web based training programs around digitization, metadata, and print on demand decisions